Thursday, September 26, 2013


Remindet left to right big to small, mustard over coral, black pearl and moss

Saturday, September 21, 2013

kofu city 35 mm roll 3

self portrait in the studio

studio process shots...

two portraits of tsunado-san

hinoki forests

bamboo gallery

blobs in random forest studio settings... all the way down..

kofu city 35 mm roll 1 + 2

kofu sunset from my room

a walk in the city

river break on mountain hike

portrait of a lilac

climbing a mountain day... under the grape vines a forest of bamboos

buddhist graveyard portraits

a few more graveyard portraits.. 

rice field

tokyo randoms

typical dins half price sashimi

fullest fattiest tuna in the whole wide world killed in front of my eyes (basically)

this shell fish was moving before it went into my mouth


mirror selfie continues

dreamland japanese copper stock pot 500 dollaz

dreamland continues..


continues......... who knows what they are...

dreamland t-shirt

dreamland stage props...

magnificent ginko 

oh hello welcome to my restaurant


pickle section 

men's classic style west coast fashion toast knee pads mmhm

boarding at the airport... goodbye money shot

this how the ceramics turned out... always want to make more. these really ended up being test batches as i had no idea what colour i was getting into... and they were the only ones i could make.....